Terrarium Starter Kit with scavenger hunt list

Create your own terrarium with the Smith Country Terrarium Starter Kit! This terrarium kit is the perfect gift for any occasion. This kit meant to get you outside in nature and find fun items to add to your terrarium to make it all you.

Great for group activities, family fun days, or just because.

Each kit comes equipped with what you need to start a terrarium. Including step by step instructions that are easy to follow (along with a link to my blog so you can see images if needed). BONUS! No watering. These use sola succulents painted by Jackie of Jackie’s Sola Boutique)

Included in kit:
-Glass container (approx. 6”)
-Sola Succulents- hand painted
-Ornamental rocks
-A list of items to try and find for your terrarium Adult and Kid Version (or pick the option for Woodland treasures to be included.
-Instructions on how to make your terrarium.

Treasures are collected locally and vary due to the nature of materials, and season of year. You can expect to receive an assortment of wood, pine cones, and/or birch bark to adorn your terrarium! Each terrarium is unique and special. Never exactly the same, because the terrarium decor pack is handpicked special for you! (If you are hoping for something specific in your decor packet instead of a “grab bag” please make note in your message and I’ll do my best to accommodate!)



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