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Wall Décor

This craft was something I thought of to help add some color to my living room. I have white walls, which is nice because I can change up the coloring of my house fairly cheap and I can use a lot more bright colors because it’s not an entire wall. I had made something similar on a canvas for my daughter’s 4th grade teacher. It was an idea I saw on Pinterest (yes, I’m that mom), where you draw a tree with no leaves and have all the students press their finger prints onto the tree with a nice note that says “Thank You for Helping us Grow”.  I was trying to think of a way to take that same idea and make it a type of family tree. I saw all these ideas of painting a tree on the wall and adding frames or painting a tree on a photo frame mat then cutting out squares to put the photographs in. But it wasn’t quite what I was looking for. Then in my search of ideas, I found several images of trees, with hearts shaped in the branches and 2 birds together. I looked through these images and realized, I could paint a tree, with a heart in the branches and have the family put their finger prints on as the leaves on the tree.

I started with a piece of wood that my husband had in his workshop. He’s always making something and so he usually has what I need there for my crafty days.  I primed it and spray painted it light blue. It took about 4 coats to get the color I wanted. After all the coats dried, I began painting the tree. I used a dark brown acrylic paint. My children, every so often like to paint on blank canvases, so I always have acrylic paint and brushes around. As I was painting the tree, I came up with the idea to make it look like a tree in fall (my favorite season).

After I painted the tree and it dried, I had each person in my family (husband and 2 children) pick a finger or thumb. I brushed paint (the color was also their choice) on their fingers/thumbs and had them press quickly. Because we did this outside, the paint dried quickly, so they had to pick the branch before I could put the paint on their finger/thumb, otherwise it would have dried on their finger/thumb. After they pressed their prints onto the tree and the bottom (Like leaves falling) I painted leaves all around the tree to make it look like fall.

Because I wanted this to be a family tree I decided to write “Smith Family Est. 2007” under the tree. And of course, I painted it, so I initialed it. 🙂

This is a fun project, that my kids were very excited to help with. I encourage any one interest in doing this to include your family in the process. Kids love to help and it’ll be an even better conversational piece for you when you can say the whole family worked on it.

When you’re done, take a picture of the completed work and post it in the comments! I’d love to see how your family project turned out!

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