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Venison and Morel Stroganoff

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

For any of you lucky ducks that got a deer here is my stroganoff recipe using venison and morel mushrooms. This is one of my husband’s favorites. He goes hunting for morels in the spring, so we always have batches of them dried and stored away. If you don’t have any, just use button mushrooms, it tastes just as good. And if you’re not a hunter, it’s ok, you can also use a chuck beef roast as well.

Caution… this is by no means a “healthy” recipe. This stroganoff uses half and half, butter and sour cream, but it tastes amazing and is perfect for those cold fall/winter days. 


Yes, this is in a Christmas bowl... but I couldn't help myself, doesn't look adorable and yummy???


You'll need the following:

  1.         1-2 lbs of venison (or a beef chuck roast)

  2.         1 lb of morel mushrooms (use button mushrooms if no morel)

  3.         6 tbsp of butter

  4.         1 large onion

  5.         3 large cloves of garlic

  6.         4-5 tbsp of flour

  7.         5 oz of beef stock

  8.         8oz of sour cream

  9.         2-3 cups of half and half

  10.         Worcestershire Sauce

  11.         1 bag of egg noodles (or 1 lb of pasta of your choice)

OK, Let's Get Cooking!

  1. Preheat an oven at 250°F.

  2. Sear the venison in an oven safe pot as you. Once seared on all sides, pour 1 cup of beef broth and cover the venison.

  3. Bake for 4-5 hours (This can also just cook in a slow cooker on Medium/high for the same amount of time with about a cup of beef broth).

  4. Once it’s done cooking it should easily break apart. Tear/cut apart the venison and add the venison and juice to the sauce (directions below).

Got the meat in the oven? Let's Make the sauce!

  1. In a stock pot melt 4 tbsp of butter (reserve the other 2 tbsp for the mushrooms) at a low-medium temp, chop up the onion (if you like less onion use less), toss the onions into the melted butter and constantly stir until the onions sweat.

  2. Add 3 large roughly chopped garlic cloves and a splash of Worcestershire Sauce, and continue stirring until onions are translucent.

  3. Add the mushrooms and cook until heated through

  4. Add flour, slowly whisking as you add.

  5. Once it’s in a sticky dough type consistency, slowly add the beef stock and continue whisking. Continue to whisk until very thick and then begin to add the half and half slowly. Take breaks in-between to stir vigorously. Once all the half and half is added stir until all incorporated.

  6. Let it simmer at low-medium heat until thickened. Add the sour cream and taste. Add any salt, pepper or additional Worcestershire Sauce to taste.

Once the Meat is done and torn apart, add the meat and juice to the sauce.

Stir it up until it's incorporated.

Cook Noodles

If you don't have egg noodles, any pasta works, I honestly use spaghetti or linguine over egg noodles 🤫. Pour the sauce over, mix and ENJOY!!!

Oh! If you have leftover sauce, just freeze it for another time!

Then, when you're ready, heat up on medium (you might have to had a 1/2 cup of milk to it, and a pinch of salt). Then just cook up some noodles and add it to the sauce.

This batch pictured I used beef, spaghetti and morel mushrooms.

ENJOY and Share!

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