Tree Frog Keeping Warm

Taken ‎August ‎14, ‎2014

This photograph was taken in a cooler than usual morning at our home on ‎August ‎14, ‎2014

My husband was doing some quick work outside before heading into work. He called my daughter out to come look at a tree frog he had found in my flower pot (we think “he” was trying to keep warm, since that morning was oddly cold for the middle of August). My daughter, being the active outdoors girl that she is, ran outside to look at (and hold) the frog. She was so excited. It’s not her first time finding a frog outside at our place, but every time she finds one it’s an exciting moment for her. This excitement made my day all the better. It’s a great reminder that everything in your life can be exciting. Anytime I look at this picture, I’m reminded about how excited she gets every time she catches a frog.  Even though it might be her one-hundredth frog caught, it is because she caught it and was able to take some time; look at the frog, show her brother and anyone else willing to look, and then release him back to his home.

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