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Updated: Feb 3

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This blanket pattern, is coming a little late in the season… but up here in Wisconsin, the weather is so wishy-washy that a cozy blanket is still much needed. It was 65°F (18°C) yesterday. Today…. Rain all day, and and if we’re lucky… 55°F (13°C) and with the quarantine in full effect for at least another 30 days, I figured I cozy blanket would be just the ticket.

My kids wholeheartedly agree. They all love cuddling with it. It’s that perfectly, soft, warm and slightly “heavy” blanket that you can just feel wrapping around you like a hug (ha… get it?).

It’s perfect for beginners you need to know how to chain, and hdc. That is it! And there is no gauge, because this is meant to be like a quilt. Make it to the size that works for you.

Anyhow…. here’s the “pattern” on how I did this. Try it out!

What you’ll need:

1. Approximately 960 yards of Super Bulky (6) Bouclé yarn. I used 6 skeins of Homespun® Thick & Quick® Yarn

  • I picked this yarn, for is’s extra soft and fuzziness. But, if you are unable to get this yarn, click HERE for alternatives) This amount includes the tassels on either end.

2. size US M13 (9.00 mm) hook, or hook size to obtain gauge

3. scissors/small sheers to cut and trim.

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58 inches wide and 48 inches long (not including tassels).


8 hdc by 6 rows equals a four-inch (10.16 cm) square. (see notes for explanation)


  • CH=chain

  • st(s)=stitch(es)

  • HDC=half double crochet

(see notes for explanation)


  1. chains at the beginning of rows do not count as stitches

  2. this is a simple blanket and although, I have a gauge, it’s not dire that you follow it for this. However, just note the size will vary if your gauge is not matched.

  3. pattern is written in US terms


CH 102 (or however many you need for the width you want. Just remember, that you will be one chain short because when you do to HDC you will start in the 2nd ch).

Row 1: HDC into the 2nd ch from the hook. HDC across.

Row 2: Chain 1, Turn, HDC across.

Repeat row 2 until the blanket reaches the length you want. Mine went 48 inches (119.38 cm).

Finish off (leave a tail long enough to trim and be the size of your tassels-approximately 9 inches long)

Next, cut the Fringe (optional)

I used a book that measured about 8 inches in length (so my strands would be about 18 inches long before becoming fringe). Wrapping the yarn around until I got the number of strands I wanted. I wanted 4 strands per group, and had 24 groups (12 per side). So I wrapped it 96 times. and cut it at one side (the side I already the beginning hanging from.

You could also just cut 96 strands at 18 inches long.

Next… put the Fringe on

Grab 4 strands and fold them in half, forming a loop at one end.

Next, take your hook and draw the loop through the last stitch at the edge of the blanket.

Holding the knot side of the fringe in one hand, pull gently in the middle of the loose end of the fringe with your other hand. Tighten the knot so that it’s secure.

Trim the ends of the fringe so that they’re even (if you want), but to be honest… I didn’t. This yarn is that beautifully imperfect perfect.

Repeat this 12 times on each side. Spreading them out evenly (about every 4 inches give or take).

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