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Free Pattern: Super Soft Baby Washcloth

Updated: Jan 12

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I’m back at it again. Another Washcloth Pattern. The Super Soft Baby Washcloth (disclosure: it’s super soft because of the yarn I use), is another of those easy “intro into knitting” patterns. The border is not required, but does make it look more polished.

Last year I shared a couple of easy knit washcloths with a crochet border. Remember the Irish Moss Washcloth, or the Bubble Washcloth? And this one falls under that same category of simple and basic. If you’re brand new to knit and crochet please feel free to post a comment and I will do my best to help guide you through it.

Why another washcloth pattern?

The brick and mortar store I stock with my items, Sage Hen Serendipity, needed some more washcloths. So this time… I thought.. “Why not some Super Soft Baby Washcloths?”

I’ve been surrounded by babies and pregnant people lately and have been working like a mad lady to finish baby gifts… so I figured… why not some washcloths? My husband and older kids love all the scrubbies and washcloths I make for them, so why not make some for babies?

Want the ad & comment free PDF?

Click here to download it directly from my site.

Remember that any purchase you make helps to fund more crafting and patterns. Need a stamper? I bought mine at West & Sage. Kelly is fabulous to work with (just make sure you're able to send her a high resolution logo image).

And for my Canadian followers... You can also find this pattern on YarnCanada.ca!

OK, Ready for the Pattern?

This pattern is written using standard U.S. terms. Basic stitch knowledge is assumed.


Will measure approximately 6”X6” without crochet border; measures 7.5″X7.5″ with border.

Let's start with what you need...





Terms to Know

CO: cast-on

K: knit stitches

P: purl stitches

SC: Single Crochet

CH: Chain

Sl St: Slip Stitch

* * = Repeat instructions between * and * the number of times indicated


The gauge for this piece isn’t super important. I due tend knit tight, so if you need, use smaller or larger needles or just simply knit your washcloth as long as it measures wide. (depending on how big you make the washcloth, you may or may not have extra yarn)


  • Knit (k): Insert right needle into first stitch, bottom to top; push right needle into the stitch; grab the yarn attached to the ball of yarn; wrap the yarn around the needle, back to front; pull yarn down. Gently pull the needle down and pick out the yarn on the needle; Push the right needle into the loop; pull the right needle off the left needle; pull yarn attached to ball of yarn to tighten stitch (if needed).

  • Purl (p): Insert right needle into stitch from top to bottom; wrap working yarn around right needle from front to back; wrap yarn all the way around the right needle creating a loop. Pull the loop under and through the stitch on left needle; push right needle through the loop; then all the way into the stitch; Pull the stitch off of the left needle. Then pull yarn attached to ball of yarn to tighten stitch (if needed).

  • Single Crochet (SC): insert into stitch, pull up a loop. Yarn over (YO) and pull through both loops on hook.

OK! Let's Get started!

Cast On 36

Row 1: *K1, P1* repeat ** to last 2 stitches. K1, K1

Row 2: *P1, K1* repeat ** to last 2 stitches. P1, P1

Row 3: repeat row 2

Row 4: repeat row 1

Rows 5-40: repeat rows 1-4

Rows 41-43: repeat rows 1-3

Cast off w/knit stitch; DO NOT CUT OR WEAVE IN ENDS.

Switch to 4mm Crochet Hook

Round 1: ch 1 *(Sc, Ch2, Sc) in corner, Sc across side (35 sts, NOT Counting the corner sc)*, repeat ** around sl st into first st

Round 2: ch1, *Sc in same st as ch, (Sc, Ch2, Sc) in corner, [Sc in next st, ch1, skip next stitch] across side, sc in final sc before corner*, repeat ** 2 more times around. Sc in next stitch, ch1, skip next stitch, sl st in first st of this round.

Round 3: ch1, sc in same st as ch, sc in next sc, *(Sc, Ch2, Sc) in corner, sc in next 2 sc, [sc in each ch] across to last 2 sc before corner. sc in each of those 2 sc*, repeat ** 2 more times, (Sc, Ch2, Sc) in corner, sc in next 2 sc, [sc in each ch] across to the end. sl st in first st of this round.

Cut and weave in ends

*Note: If you want the washcloth to be more of an even square you will need to block it after you’re done knitting it.

That's it! All Done. !

Making it as a gift? Don't forget the gift tag! If you share it on Social Media, make sure you tag me! @thesmithcountry #thesmithcountry I would love to see how your Super Soft Baby washcloth turned out and how it looks in your beautiful gift basket!

With a grateful heart,

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