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Updated: Mar 25

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Well, with school coming soon I figured I would share this fun little tech bag pattern for all you last minute gifters out there that need one more thing to add to your student’s going away gift.

My teenager actually came up with this idea.

She goes for a week every summer to see her grandma and now has just as much tech for her phone as she does make-up and clothes. So she decided she needed a nice small cinch style tech bag to put her portable charger, cords and headset in. So we came up with this fun and super easy pattern. My daughter made the first one up, then I went back refined and typed up the pattern.

For this project, we ended up with Lion Brand Bonbons. Way back when she was about 9 she got into crocheting and as part of a Christmas gift from my brother she recieved a set of crochet hooks and several packs of Lion Brand Bonbons. Since she had several different colors left she decided that would be perfect.

I personally love the different color options of the Lion Brand Bonbons. I did also try it in 24/7 Cotton Yarn and one I used some leftover fingering weight yarn from Dye Monkey Yarns. All work really nice with this pattern. Click through the slides below and see a few different versions I made using both versions of lion brand yarn and the left over fingering weight.

Please note:

This pattern is written using standard U.S. terms. Basic Crochet stitch knowledge is assumed.

Finished Measurements

(all are approximate)


  • 6.5 inches


  • 6.5 inches


  • 3.25 inches

Yarn I Used

Crochet hook

Other Notions


  • Gauge isn’t super important, but just remember, if you use larger yarn and hook, the bag will be bigger Or… Vise-versa, if you use smaller yarn and hook, you will get smaller bag. See the comparison of the bag I did and the bag my daughter (below) for an example

The smaller one on the right used the same yarn, but a 3.0 mm hook (and more chains to start) It comes to approximately 5 inches in length instead of 6.5 inches.

Terms to Know:

ch= chain

sc = single crochet

hdc = half double crochet

slst = slip stitch

all numbers in () are total stitch count at the end of each round.

* * = Repeat instructions between * and * the number of times indicated

OK, On to the pattern!

Start with Color 1….

Ch 19

Round 1: 3 Sc into the 2nd ch from the hook, Sc 16, 3 Sc in the last stitch. Turn so that you can crochet into the other side of the ch 16 Sc across, slat into the first Sc (38)

See the below images for details on round 1.

Round 2: ch1, Sc, 3Sc in next stitch, 18sc across, 3Sc in next stitch, 17sc across (42)

Round 3-6: ch1, hdc around, slst into first (42)

Switch color 2

Round 7-10: ch1, hdc around, slst into first (42)

Switch color 3

Round 11-13: ch1, hdc around, slst into first (42)

Switch color 4

Round 14-17: ch1, hdc around, slst into first (42)

Switch Color 5

Round 18-21: ch1, hdc around, slst into first (42)

Back to color 1

Round 22-25: ch1, hdc around, slst into first (42)

Color 2

Round 26-27: ch1, hdc around, slst into first (42)

Color 3

Round 28: ch 1, sc around, slst into first (42)

Round 29: ch 1, *[sc, hdc, 3dc, hdc, sc] in on stitch, skip 3*, repeat ** around to the last 2, slst in first Sc.

Finally, weave in all ends and cut excess yarn.

When you done with that, take a long amount of the yarn color you want and weave it through the shells to create your cinch. Tie your choice of beads on each end and done.

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