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Secret to Amazing Venison

For those of you that are unaware, venison is an incredibly lean meat that tastes like beef. So for those of you that love beef, but maybe don’t want all the fat and calories, venison is a great alternative. Because it’s so lean it can be chewy (and you DON’T want to leave the fat on this meat). To avoid this from happening I use stewed tomatoes. Yes that’s right, stewed tomatoes. It really does matter that they are stewed. I have tried pretty much every kind of canned tomato (dice, sauce, etc.) and it does not have the same effect on the meat. Slow cook your meat like you would a beef roast (this is a great time to pull out the slow cooker) and place stewed tomatoes directly on top of the venison (don’t be afraid to include your veggies that you normally do with the meat, all the flavors will meld together wonderfully). When it’s done, take the tomatoes off and eat with the usual. I don’t like to waste, so I freeze the tomatoes and use them in pasta sauce later, they have a nice beef flavoring to them that I normally wouldn’t have in my meat sauce.

Try this trick and I know you and your family will love venison, if you don’t already. And don’t worry… I’ll have more venison recipes to share soon. Stay warmer hunters and good luck!

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