Save the Date!

Planning begins…

One side of my husband’s family has a bi-annual family reunion that has been planned for decades. My husband and I have volunteered to take over the planning, which means… I get to make cards! 🙂 I always feel a nice mailed card helps to set the tone. And how could anyone throw away a nice hand-crafted Save the Date? This picture was taken in my process of working on these cards. I’m almost done with them and will be mailing them out next week. This craft was an easy to do, but just takes time because there is a lot of cutting and gluing. It’s worth it for the end result.

I typed and print the details and the rest was colored paper and pre-cut colored cards with envelopes (you can find in any craft shop). I did go the extra step and used markers & Stencils for the “Save the Date”. But you could also get a stamp or stickers.

Family Reunion

I decided to do a “Save the Date” because this is not an annual event and is never in the same place. It’s usually planned by different families each time so I wanted to give everyone plenty of time (about 11 months) to plan for it. There will be an official invitation as well, but I wanted to make sure people could plan a head. I’m looking forward to planning this with my husband and creating a fun family day!

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