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Project Kitchen Stools

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About a year ago, we finally got to a project with our old stools. We originally bought our bar height stools because we lived in an apartment that had a 2 tier counter-top. But after we moved to our home in the city of La Crosse, we ended up with an island that was one height and not tall enough for our stools, so my husband decided to cut them down to the right size and I figured, while we were at it, let’s add some cushioning to it. So here is my process so you can do it too.

Items You’ll Need

  1. Stools (I bought mine originally from Wal-Mart) but honestly, this would be a great rummage sale project.

  1. Seat Cushion (This was also a Wal-Mart purchase) Amount will depend on the size of your stools.

  2. A Heavy Duty Staple Gun (My husband already had one, but you can buy one at any hardware store)

  3. Staples I( used 3/4″ but basically, make sure their big enough to hold everything in, but not go through the seat.)

  4. Scissors (I got mine from my mother a long time ago, but you basically need larger all-purpose or sewing scissors).

  5. Sharpie Marker

  6. And the fun part… Canvas Material of your choice! Amount will depend on the size of your stools. (I’m going to be honest, I bought mine at Wal-Mart, but JoAnn Fabrics has a pretty amazing collection as well. I recommend Canvas because it’s more durable, and easy to clean, but you could really pick any material you want.)

Next… measure your cushion. The cushion I bought is actually a huge roll in a box. So you pull out the cushion and trace the stool shape. But even if you buy the squares, just make sure cut off any access.

Then, you’re going to cut the material. This I like to cut into squares, and make sure there is at least 4″ of extra material so you can grab and pull the material tightly.

Place the cushion on the material, then the stool. You could glue the cushion on the stool first if you want, I didn’t do this, but if you’re worried about it sliding while you’re stapling, gluing would be a good solution. Just make sure the glue is dry before you do it. [I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that, but hey… you might get really excited to try you’re new stools and forget, I would)

Next, Staple the material on to the stool. this takes some time, but the big the to remember is to always go in a diagonal, and pull really tight. The cushion at first will look really tight and pulled, but as you use and sit in them, the cushion settles. So remember that as you pull. and make sure you staple everywhere you think you need to.

And finally…. you have some nice comfy and ready to use stools!

Did you update some stools? Share!

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