My Top 10 Favorite Yarns!

Both Indie Dyers AND Big Box

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Happy #ILOVEYARN day! In Case you didn't know about the day... Here are some details.

To celebrate I'm sharing my top 10 favorite yarns. This includes both Indie Dyers and Big Box. I will also include links to patterns that work perfectly with these yarns. Some yarns, I do have affiliates with, but I would honestly recommend them either way. These are all yarns that I use and have bought. Some of them have even become good friends of mine. It's one of the things I love about fiber arts. It feels like such a warm and welcoming community. Like many communities, it has it's ups and downs, but for the most part, I definitely find it to be a supportive group, with that in mind, I want to support and bring you to some awesome yarns that I enjoy using.

Dye Monkey Yarns

Dye Monkey Yarns is small batch indie dyed yarns that also offers knitting patterns and accessories. I seriously can't say enough about this yarn! It's soft, the colors are fun and look amazing in both knit and crochet. I discovered this yarn at my LYS, Unwound. I LOVE all of her yarn. Jess is a fantastic person to work with on really anything. She's fun, light-hearted and is just a fantastic creator. She does an absolutely amazing job with her colorways and is comes up with such fun ideas. She also does custom work too.

Want an even better excuse for trying out her shop? ALL of October 2020 she is having an Orange Sale! That means everything with orange is 20% OFF (Now through -October 31)! Check out some of the work I've done with her yarn.

My Favorites of hers are:

1. Tap Monkey (Her fingering/sock weight) I used this Yarn to make my Alma Mater Scarf Cowl.

2. Stellina (That extra pizzazz with sparkle also fingering weight) I made a custom hat with this pattern, and my Small Tech Bag.

3. All of her DK weight which are 100% Super wash Merino and are so soft! I love making hats out of this one (My Nikki slouchy hat-coming soon-is perfect).

4. Salsa (a worsted weight, also super soft and a Super wash Merino) is perfect for really ANY hat pattern. You could also try using it with my Leaf Headband.

She has so many more that I know you would love but these are my absolute fave!

Fairy Tale Yarn Co

This is another Indie dyer that I LOVE! The yarn is not only amazing to work with, it's soft, the colors are fun and look amazing in both knit and crochet. But, the names are freaking fantastic! No Seriously! She not only has a fantastic eye for color, but is a pun fan and super nerd of awesomeness. Her colorways are fairy tales, sci-fi and story themed. Right now she has these awesome holiday sets based on Star Trek!

This is another one I discovered at, Unwound (this store is seriously my fav yarn shop). I LOVE all of her yarn and quite honestly, can't stop finding things to make with her colors. Dawn is another fantastic person and does a great job with her vision. Check out some of the work I've done with her yarn.

*FIY if you sign up for her newsletter you get exclusive deals and a coupon for your first purchase!

5. Thors Hammer I actually made my brother a pair of socks out of the color way Off with Their Heads. I loved this color way because it was this fun red white and blue, perfect for my brother.

6. Mermaid's Hair Another awesome sparkle yarn to add your collection! I have skeins of this in I Must Not Tell Lies and Belatrix. BONUS! She offers these two in a set!!! I've made hats and cup sweaters out this! Another Great one is my Small Tech Bag.

7. Excalibar is a fantastic yarn for sets and shawls! You only need one skein! You can use it to my Fall in Love with Paris Infinity Scarf. My favorite colorway is Quibbler

Red Heart Yarn

I think sometimes red heart yarn gets such a bad wrap. But there are some awesome versions of their yarn that I love. I've made hats, sets, and earrings out of them. You can't beat the price. They're perfect for people on a budget.

Check out some of the awesome stuff I've done with them.

8. Luce is seriously on of my favorites from red heart! It's so luxury, but at a great price! The skeins are around $12.00 (when not on sale). SO you can make that luxury hat, but without the luxury price. Bonus! Is a sequin sparkle yarn! WHAT?

9. With Love is my other favorite. It's so soft! I used it in both my the Birch Leaf Beanie AND the Birch Leaf Ear Warmer.

Lion Brand

10. Lion Brand is definitely another fav yarn of mine and I know many people also love this yarn. They're constantly coming up with new types and colors. Their 24/7 Cotton is a big go-to for me, but right now... I'm HUGE on Basic Stitch Anti Pilling™ Yarn I even used it to make my Leaf Me to My Coffee! Cup Sleev, And the Bonbons® in my Small Tech Bag

So I really fit in 3 yarns into that last one, but I couldn't help it! It's too hard to narrow it down to 10 yarns.

What are your favorites? Comment below.

With a grateful heart,


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