Music seems to be almost a universal language. It’s interesting the amount of science and math that goes into such a medium. I have always enjoyed music and even being 30 I can say that my music taste is incredibly high in range. I listen to classical, 50’s Rock and Roll, Swing, Jazz, Steve Miller Band, Blue Grass, Country, etc. Basically, I like almost everything. The great thing about music is the connection you can get from a song. You hear it, and immediately go back to memory, or think about a person in your life. You don’t have to be talented to enjoy music, you just have to listen.

This picture is of my husband, who, among many other things, plays guitar. I enjoy listening to him play, but one of my favorites is when my kids grab their instruments and play with him. I’m honestly not the most gifted when it comes to music, but I enjoy music and this is another moment we can spend together as a family.


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