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“How to” Menu Board

My husband and I made this together. He had some extra wood lying around, so I asked if he would make me a simple frame to fit around the new menu back board I had just created. I made the big pouch (used for the meal cards and held with binder clips), and the back drop; out of scrap-book card-stock. I also cut the strips for the meal cars, out of the same cardstock. You can buy large versatile packets of these at any craft store. If your crafty, I’m sure you’ll find other uses. I used them to make my husband’s family reunion Save the Date Cards as well.

After he made the frame (using small wood screws) he attached the ribbon on the back using the same wood screws. I painted a little clear nail polish to prevent any fraying of the ribbon. I used regular cheap wood clothes pin and wrote the days of the week with a permanent marker. That’s it! Obviously, not all of you can make a quick picture frame, but there tons of nice ones at rummage/garage sales and stores. Find one that’ll fit your personality and your new menu back drop. You could even glue the clothes pins onto the frame. Make it magnetic so it’ll go on your fridge. The sky is the limit! When you’re done, take a picture and post it in the comments! I would love to see what you did to make it yours.

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