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Greatest Photography Moment Thus Far!

I have been dabbling a little in photography, mostly in taking “school” pictures of my children and taking my family portraits, instead of paying someone else to do it. But, I also love nature and architecture. I truly enjoy having black and white photos of nature (and the city) in my house. It adds so much to a room and it’s such a great feeling of accomplishment when I can say “Thank you. I took that.”. With that in mind, I am always looking to improve and find great new moments for my next photograph. Well, here is my most recent…

This is the first time I have ever been able to get close enough to take a picture of a butterfly. This particular butterfly was enjoying a sweet treat of nectar. I saw my opportunity, as it sat on the flower to get a drink. I made my move slowly and snapped as many pictures I could. Below is my favorite of these photos. What a wonderful reminder of all the splendors we are blessed with in life.

Taken July 26, 2014

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