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Please note, This is NOT a part of any of my Affiliates (Affiliate Disclaimer). purchases you make, help support the small businesses I’m writing about, You are not charged more for your purchase and I do not make any money off of the purchases you make from my fellow small business owners.

Small Business Saturday is coming up! I know so many of you are struggling because of the craziness going, known as Covid-19 (by the way... there are a couple of cute mask options in this list). But with so much going on and people looking for Christmas gifts, I really want to encourage you to consider using a small business for your Christmas Shopping. There are so many amazing small businesses out there, and this year more than ever, they need your support.

I’m sharing some small business gift ideas from the friendliest state, Wisconsin (Bonus... these are all owned by women)!!!! I wanted to share with you items from different businesses (including my own). These businesses are online, in-store, or both. Everything they offer has either been wonderfully handcrafted, thrift-ed, and/or selected thoughtfully by a real person. I also buy things from all these businesses, so I have first-hand experience in their fabulous customer service, efficiency, and downright nice dispositions.

All image galleries have prices of items. Click on the side arrow or the small thumbnail to get larger views of the items, and if you click on the large image you can go straight to that item's link to purchase.

OK, Ready? Here's the list

I recently saw on Instagram, someone saying how NOTHING from Amazon (clothing wise) is quality and I thought this is a perfect example of how untrue that statement is. This wonderful young lady handcrafts ALL of her items and sells them on Amazon (think Etsy, but it's on Amazon). If you're not a crafter yourself, here is someone that can make it for you! Below is just a few of her amazing items that she sells.

  • Tea Pot Cozy: How cute and Soft is this?

  • Bella Beanie: Stay warm in this fun hat!

  • Suzette Washcloths: This comes in a set of 3 nicely textured 100% cotton cashcloths.

  • Mini Baskets: These baskets provide the perfect spot to store the little things, bracelets, earrings, etc. while still being ADORABLE!

  • Friendship Bracelets: The Friendship Style bracelets come in sets of 3 with adjustable closures.

Kelly of Create Happy is an amazing Creative Chick that makes the cutest earrings! As a bonus, ALL of her earrings are actually repurposed bags, shirts, shoes and even tires! So you're helping to keep junk out of landfills and getting super cute jewelry! It's fashion with a purpose.

No Joke! Almost everything she sells is around or under $20, but here are some of my favs!

  • Feather Earrings: These feather shaped earrings are crafted from repurposed bicycle tire inner tubes!

  • Create Happy Bracelets: These beautiful bracelets are made in Wisconsin, hand stamped and bent by Manda Bands. Proceeds go to American Lung Association of WI and their annual nationwide event: Fight for Air Climb. For more information, visit

  • Simple Studs: Simple Studs are the perfect everyday pair of earrings! They are made from upcycled material from purses, wallets, leather jackets, and anything else we can save from the landfill!

  • Teardrop Cutout: Our surgical stainless steel hooks are made of high grade stainless steel and are hypoallergenic so they are safe for those with metal sensitivities. The hooks meet the recommendations set by Mayo Clinic.

  • Embrace: The Embrace Collection is meant to inspire others to embrace change, embrace differences, embrace love, and embrace this journey. Be accepting, be kind, and remember to have empathy.

Sage Hen Serendipity is a true blue Local Boutique. Located in Downtown Montello, WI, this store is owned by to Fabulous #BossBabes (Jade and Ginger). They not only do they provide amazing customer service, and hold/participate in fun activities (Wine walk, Cookie Walk, Bring a basket and we’ll fill & decorate it) at their store, they also support 11 Wisconsin Women Artisan! Talk about girl power. Currently, they do everything in person at their store or through Facebook. So make sure you check them out and like them so you get the latest. If you like any of these items on here, message them via Facebook. They would be happy to help you out, and Ship to you.

  • Wax Melt Warmers are the perfect gift for those people that LOVE candles, but don't want a flame burning. Sage Hen offers a variety of warmers, so you're sure to find one.

  • Wax Melts in fun smells and made of soy. Get your holidays going with some fun holiday smells! BONUS!!! You can buy 4 for $15 (that's basically one free)!

  • Rose Water Lotion: this lotion is made by one of the Sage Hen Owners, Ginger. She makes so many amazing items from soaps to lotions to sugar scrubs, I know you'll find something. And they ALL smell AMAZING!

  • Speaking of sugar scrubs....

  • Need a man gift? Beard Oil (also made by Ginger) is the ticket for that "lumberjack" in your life.

Want an excuse to stop out and see the ladies in person? On November 21st, 2020, Downtown Montello is holding a Holiday Trail Event! Sage Hen Serendipity will have a basket drawing and some bogo specials. In Store Only Click the image for deets.

If you've been keeping up with me on social media or my craft blog post, you've heard me say a couple of times about my love of Local Yarn Stores, but especially, This one! The ladies that own this shop are absolutely fabulous! They're helpful, friendly and just around amazing women. There's also an amazing employee there, Terri, that owns the Paperback Rider Little Free Library (she literally rides her library bike, when there's not a pandemic, around La Crosse getting books to everyone)!

Below are some perfect gifts for anyone (but especially the crafters in your life)!

  • The Unwound Mug: Enjoy a warm beverage and support this fab LYS all at the same time. Dishwasher safe.

  • Mini Skeins: All the fun in small packages. :-) perfect for little projects, or grab a bunch to make a fun stripped effect in your next project.

  • Wisconsin Themed Stitch Markers: Show your love for the Driftless Region with this tinned stitch marker set by Fiber Union. Each set includes 6 stitch markers that reference Wisconsin's rich agricultural and dairy traditions, along with a Wisconsin state-shaped progress keeper--all packaged in a reusable tin. It doesn't get any better than this, dontcha know?!

  • Scissors:These scissors are useful, affordable, and pretty! Each pair of scissors comes with its own protective sleeve. If you include your preferred color (red, blue, green, purple, silver, or pink) in a comment with your order, we'll do our best to accommodate you! 

  • Face Masks: Practice good community health practices in a stylish way with these reversible adjustable face masks. Each mask is made by Susan Crutchfield (a member of unwound). They're made of of cotton or cotton/poly blend fabric, and includes light interfacing and completely machine washable! NOTE: These masks are designed so the loops go over the ears (not around them). You can then adjust the ties for a comfortable fit with no gaps at the sides.

If you want to shop in person, they are taking extra precaution and doing all shopping by appointment only. They also offer a punch card to earn points and discounts, so make sure to ask them about that if you stop out!

This woman is a rock star! I’ve ordered 2 bags from her and have been happy with both. She offers so many different items from large bags to small card pouches, that you’re bound to find something you or your recipient will LOVE!

Everything is handcrafted, designed and made with care by her and it shows in all her items! Want even more to love? Just for reading this post, if you use code EMMY10 on your order you get 10% off everything in her shop!!!

  • Small bags: These coin pouches are perfect to keep you organized on your adventure as well as everyday life. It will keep all the little things contained in your purse or bag.

  • Genuine Leather Card holders: This small leather pouch is the perfect size to hold gift cards, credit cards and business cards.

  • Medium Bags: These pouches are perfect to keep you organized on your adventure as well as everyday life. It will keep all the little things contained in your purse or bag.

  • Face Mask bags: Now even your mask has a pretty place to be stored!

  • Face Masks: This face mask fits your face really nice making it comfortable to wear all day or just to the store. Made with two layers of pre- washed (to prevent additional shrinking) in a non toxic scent free detergent ( Branch Basics) organic cotton. The ear loops are adjustable elastic making it fit everyone.

I might be biased because of the name, but of course I have to support other Smith Company. 😉 No, they're not related to me, they just make AMAZING smelling candles. I mean one of their Candles is a Kwik Trip Glazer Donut (If you don't know what Kwik Trip or a Glazer is, you need to visit Wisconsin)!!!!

Need another Excuse?

If you use Code: THANKYOU you'll get 10% off. Not valid on Kwik Trip Collection. One use only. Does not work with any other discounts.

  • Colonial Cupboard 16 oz Candle: This is their Best Seller. A unique combination of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg with a smooth background of caramel and vanilla.

  • Merry Christmas 16 oz Candle: I feel like this is self explanatory... but if features notes: orange, apple, cinnamon  ; middle notes: vanilla, clove; bottom notes: berries

  • Kwik Trip Inc. Glazers Donut 16 oz Candle: Seriously!!! If you're not near or living in Wisconsin, you are missing out! This is a Kwik Trip Inc. inspired and APPROVED soy candle!  You will get a coupon for a FREE Glazers® or cake donut with each candle purchased! You just need to buy this one.

  • Family & Friends 3 oz Wax Melt: Don't want a Candle? Grab a wax melt warmer from Sage Hen and melt these little beauties instead! Surprisingly spicy and sweet. Fruity top notes of apple, lemon and orange, a heart of clove, cinnamon and peach with a vanilla base

  • Smith & Co. Candles Gift Card: A little overwhelmed with options? a gift card is ALWAYS a safe bet.

Of course I'm going to add myself in this list. I'm Jenn the owner and creator of Smith Country. I offer patterns, tags, and yarn pom pom earrings. All of my Earrings and single patterns are under $20.

My yarn pom pom earrings are my way of minimizing waste from all my projects and creations. So when you buy a pair, you're helping me make sure my yarn doesn't end up in a landfill. Below you can check out some of my earrings.

FYI... Use code GiftBlogPost to get 10% off everything in my shop (Ravelry purchases not included).

Need One More Idea?

These super cute bags are made by an amazing momprenuer, Becca. She has done bags and shirts for me. She does an absolutely AMAZING job with everything she has ever made me and I know these bags will be no exception.

She's just updated and revamped her online shop!

I know you'll find something amazing from these woman and I can't wait to see what you bought!

Thank you all and as always… have a wonderful day!

With a grateful heart,

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