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Fall in Wisconsin

I realize that it is still technically Summer, but here in the Midwest, it feels like fall already. Pumpkins are ready for picking, apple season is here, and sweaters are out of storage. With these signs bursting all around me, my inspiration for today’s blog is about not only Fall in Wisconsin, but family time.

Family time is one of the most important times of any day. My family loves the outdoors and it’s a great chance for me to capture moments on camera, without the posing or the smiles. It’s a memory of us, together, and the great fun we had that day. These pictures are special to me, because of the memories that came with them.

Hike One – Photo Taken by Jenn Smith (C) on 10/2013

My husband decided he wanted to take a hike in a different area than we usually go. We started in a wooded area of a local park. We walked through the woods; my children finding mushrooms, acorns, colorful leaves and tons of sticks. Every time they found something, it was like a treasure, and it was wonderful to see them so excited about the outdoors. Eventually we came across this vast open field (still public land). It just describes the Midwest in all it’s Fall glory. Open field, browning corn stocks (just at the peak of being turned and plowed to prep for winter) on one side, trees changing colors from green to red, yellow and brown surrounding the field and corn. The sun was starting to set, it was late afternoon, and my children suddenly got an extra burst of energy to run up the hill. They ran quickly to catch up with my husband, who we always have lead on these hikes. Once we reached the top, we saw an amazing view of trees, farms, fields and sky. It was a great day full of adventure and fun.

Hike Two – Photo Taken by Jenn Smith (C) on 10/2013

The first photo is from that field and my children finally catching up to my husband and walking up the hill with him. Excited to see the amazing view we had discovered.

The second picture is from the hike in the woods.

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