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Fall in Love with Paris Infinity Scarf Knit Pattern

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This fun and light infinity scarf is perfect for those spring mornings. Grab you jacket, an umbrella and head out to your favorite coffee shop! Bien S’amuser

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This Post was updated on 10/16/2020 with new yarn and some added pictures. I kept the original post and pictures as well so you can see the differences.

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The Original Post (10/21/2018)

Who doesn’t love a nice infinity scarf? My teenager definitely does, and I have to admit, I also enjoy them. The Fall in Love with Paris Infinity Scarf is perfect for those of you looking for something to knit that doesn’t require a lot of knowledge. If you can knit, purl and yarn over, you’re golden!

I actually made this because I found some really fun yarn at the Blue Heron Knittery while I attended the first annual Driftless Loop Yarn Hop (Don’t worry, I’ll share on my Facebook when the next one is).

It was such a fun lacy like yarn; I just had to do something fun with it. While searching for some inspiration, I found this Eiffel Tower Stitch; how perfect! My oldest daughter is taking french and is just falling in love with the language and culture. So I thought this would be the perfect scarf for her. As I shared my progress, others fell in love with the yarn and design. I ended up making another as a custom order (thank goodness I had a second skein).

How cute did this turn out? In fact, as I shared the progress, someone ordered this exact scarf! Thankfully, I bought 2 skeins, so I was able to complete it right away!

The Update

Two years later.... and I have definitely more so than ever. I have a wristlet pattern coming soon, and a beret pattern as well. I've also majorly improved my pattern writing skills. So to all of you that have been there since the beginning, thank you for your patience.

Well, this pattern is now updated to show you the detail of that Eiffel tower stitch.

My scarf being blocked. Look at the detail.

The yarn I picked this time, was from Fairy Tale Yarn Co. This particular yarn base is called Excalibur. It's a wonderful fingering weight yarn and is 600 yards of amazing color! That's right 600 yards!

Now, you might be thinking "Um does this scarf really need all 600 yards?" the answer is No. But, there is a rhyme/reason to my madness. This one skein will make the scarf, the beret AND the wristlet. WHAT?!

I bought this wonderfully large skein of yarn on her website, but I discovered her amazing work through Unwound, a local yarn shop (LYS) here in La Crosse. If you've never been to a local yarn shop and are lucky to have one, Go! they are AMAZING! The help you get, the yarn you will find. Seriously. Try it.

Finished Measurements (all are approximate)

  • Length (folded in half): 44.5 inches (111.76 cm)

  • Circumference: 88 inches (223.52 cm)

  • Width: 4 inches (10.16 cm) Without Fringe




Gauge Pattern and Details

** = Repeat pattern between asterisks and parenthesis

Start with CO 24, then purl across

Row 1: P4 (* YO, P2Tog, P6 *) P4

Rows 2, 4, & 6: K4 (* K7, P1 *) K4

Rows 3, 5, & 7: P4 (* K1, P7 *) P4

Row 8: Purl Across

Row 9: P4 (* P4, YO, P2Tog, P2 *) P4

Rows 10, 12, & 14: K4 (* K3, P1, K4 *) K4

Rows 11, 13, & 15: P4 (* P4, K1, P3 *) P4

Row 16: Purl Entire Row

Row 17: P4 (* YO, P2Tog, P6 *) P4

Rows 18, 20, & 22: K4 (* K7, P1 *) K4

Rows 19, 21, & 23: P4 (* K1, P7 *) P4

Row 24: Purl Across

  • Within this pattern, you should be able to measure a 2" square with 12 stitches across in 18 rows.


  • Gauge isn’t super important, but just remember, if you use larger yarn and needles the scarf will be longer. Or… Vise-versa, if you use smaller yarn and needle, you will get a shorter scarf. Also, if you use a less lacy yarn, the Eiffel Tower shows better, but I was really going for a lacy design.

  • To adjust length, increase or decrease the starting cast on by 8

Terms to Know

CO: Cast on [If Knitting Brim]

K: Knit

P: Purl

P2tog: Purl 2 Together

YO: Yarn Over

* * = Repeat instructions between * and * the number of times indicated



Insert right needle into first stitch, bottom to top; push right needle into the stitch; grab the yarn attached to the ball of yarn; wrap the yarn around the needle, back to front; pull yarn down. Gently pull the needle down and pick out the yarn on the needle; Push the right needle into the loop; pull the right needle off the left needle; pull yarn attached to ball of yarn to tighten stitch (if needed).


Insert right needle into stitch from top to bottom; wrap working yarn around right needle from front to back; wrap yarn all the way around the right needle creating a loop. Pull the loop under and through the stitch on left needle; push right needle through the loop; then all the way into the stitch; Pull the stitch off of the left needle. Then pull yarn attached to ball of yarn to tighten stitch (if needed).

Yarn over:

*This is for yarn over between purl stitches.*

Wrap the yarn around the right hand needle front to back to front so that it ends up in purl position again.

Purl 2 Together:

Insert the right hand needle purlwise into the next 2 stitches on the left hand needle. Then wrap yarn (attached to ball) around the right hand needle. Pull the right hand needle through the loop (just as you would with one).


Cast on 448 (I did long tail cast on, but any cast on will do for this project, it really depends on your yarn coloring). Place the stitch marker at the end before joining. Straighten your stitches, being careful not to twist the stitches, join round.

Rounds 1-4: K2P2 ribbing around.

Round 5: P5 *YO, P2tog, P6* repeat * * around until you reach the last 5 stitches. YO, P2tog, P3

Round 6-11: P5, *K1,P7*, repeat * * around until you reach the last 3 stitches; K1, P1

Round 12: Knit Around

Round 13: P1, YO, P2tog, *P6, YO, P2tog* repeat * * around until you reach the last 5 stitches; P5

Round 14-19: P1,*K1,P7*, repeat * * around to last 7 stitches; K1, P6

Round 20:Knit Around

Rounds 21-35: Repeat Rounds 4-19 once more

Round 36: Knit around

Cast off cast off purl wise with loose tension. Weave in ends.Block when finished. If you don’t it will curl.

When you're done weaving in ends, you will need to block this when you’re done or it will curl.

Feel free to comment with any questions or suggestions below.


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