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Fall in Love with Paris Infinity Scarf Knit Pattern

Updated: Jun 13

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Who doesn’t love a nice infinity scarf? My teenager definitely does, and I have to admit, I also enjoy them. The Fall in Love with Paris Infinity Scarf Knit Pattern is perfect for those of you looking for something to knit that doesn’t require a lot of knowledge. If you can knit, purl and yarn over, you’re golden!

I actually made this because I found some really fun yarn at the Blue Heron Knittery while I attended the first annual Driftless Loop Yarn Hop (Don’t worry, I’ll share on my Facebook when the next one is).

It was such a fun lacy like yarn; I just had to do something fun with it. While searching for some inspiration, I found this Eiffel Tower Stitch; how perfect! My oldest daughter is taking french and is just falling in love with the language and culture. So I thought this would be the perfect scarf for her. As I shared my progress, others fell in love with the yarn and design. I ended up making another as a custom order (thank goodness I had a second skein).

How cute did this turn out? In fact, as I shared the progress, someone ordered this exact scarf! Thankfully, I bought 2 skeins, so I was able to complete it right away!

This fun and light infinity scarf is perfect for those spring mornings. Grab you jacket, an umbrella and head out to your favorite coffee shop! Bien S’amuser

Below is the free version of my pattern. Want the PDF? Click Here or you can go to my Ravelry and buy it there.

Finished Measurements (all are approximate)

Length (When folded in half): 30 inches Circumference: 60 inches Width: 4 inches

Yarn I Used

  • 1 Skein of ONline ONline 401 Trigato

  • Colorway shown: purple (color lot 5)

  • For project: approx. 344.0 yards (314.6 meters), 3.53 ounces



Width: 4 inches


  • 6 sts = 2.5 cm/1 inch in twisted rib stitch using 3.75 mm needles.


  • Gauge isn’t super important, but just remember, if you use larger yarn and needles the scarf will be longer. Or… Vise-versa, if you use smaller yarn and needle, you will get a shorter scarf. Also, if you use a less lacy yarn, the Eiffel Tower shows better, but I was really going for a lacy design.

  • If you want to add or lessen stitches you us a multiple of 8 stitches then add 1 stitch at the end (example: 8*24=192 then add 1 more stitch, so you would Cast On 193)


K = knit P = purl YO = yarn over P2tog = Purl 2 Together

* * = Repeat instructions between * and * the number of times indicated


Cast on 297 (I did a knit cast on because I had a color fade yarn and wanted to keep the fade, but you can do a long tail instead). Place marker at the end before joining. Straighten your stitches, being careful not to twist the stitches, join round.

Round 1: Knit Around

Round 2: Purl Around

Round 3: Knit Around

Round 4: P4 *YO, P2tog, P6* repeat * * around until you reach the last 5 stitches. YO, P2tog, P3

Round 5-10: P4, *K1,P7*, repeat * * around until you reach the last 6 stitches. P6

Round 11: Knit Around

Round 12: YO, P2tog, *P6, YO, P2tog* repeat * * around until you reach the last 6 stitches. P6

Round 13-18: *K1,P7*, repeat * * around

Round 19:Knit Around

Rounds 20-35: Repeat Rounds 4-19 once more

Round 36: Purl around

Cast off. I used the single crochet cast off, but if you choose to avoid a crochet hook completely, cast off purl wise with loose tension. Weave in ends.

You will need to block this when you’re done or it will curl.

Done? Show off your Work!!!

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