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Updated: Jan 12

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Starting with the basics

Sometimes, when you’re a beginning knitter, things like socks can seem intimating. you hear about turning heels, working in the round. Yikes! I mean just finally figured out purl and knit stitches, and you’re first washcloth was actually a square! Now you want to move up in your knitting expertise, but are afraid maybe a sock might be too intimidating. Well, worry not! After trying several beginner friendly/easy sock patterns, I found the perfect one for anyone to do! Best part? This blogger gives you just the basics (but lots of information on those basics) so you can have fun with it! It really is an easy knitting sock pattern!

The Blog

I found Miss Wool Knits on Ravelry as I was scouring for easy knitting sock patterns. Trying all kinds of patterns, I looked for the simplest patterns I could find. Most of them had a heal you had to create in some way.

My first attempt at turning a heel was far from good. One side looked amazing and the other side had huge gaps. It was beyond frustrating. I re-did; after re-did; after re-did; to FROGGED to AHHHHH!!!!! I eventually figured it out, but I’m definitely NOT an expert and absolutely am NOT fast or even decent speed at it, if I want it nice (next on my list of things to tackle).

Fast forward to Christmas 2018… I wanted to make my brother socks with some pretty amazing yarn I bought at my favorite Local Yarn Shop (details on that next), but I had a major stress level on trying to figure out how I was going to get them done in time. Especially when socks are something I definitely don’t do well when fast. Then.. I found this post: Tube Socks… it works in the round, fits perfectly on your feet and no heel to be done!

The Pattern

I’ve heard of tube socks, but never actually tried it. The best part of these socks, was that I could use small circular needles and a stitch marker. If you’ve never used them I highly recommend them! You will still need double pointed needles (or DPN’s) for the end, but for the majority of your project you will use the circular needles. They’re easier on your hands, and your sanity.

For my socks, I used Chiao Goo circular needles in size 2 (9″ long; 2.75mm). I bought them at Unwound, one of my Favorite Local Yarn Stores. [A side note: if you haven’t checked out your or any Local Yarn Shop, you really should! The customer service is amazing and they really can help you figure out everything you need for your next project! I’m blessed enough to have a couple of them near by, but if you don’t, definitely try to find one when you’re out an about. it’s worth the trip.] I really recommend you try to find them at your own, LYS. Check out this link http://www.chiaogoo.com/retailers/

It will give you a nice list across the country of retailers.

First sock, at the beginning

Any who… the yarn I used for my socks is called “Off With their Heads” in Thors Hammer Sport weight, by Fairy Tale Yarn Co, an Indie Dyer who does small batches in fun theme colors!

I pretty much followed what the pattern suggested based on the information given. Because they were for my brother who has a bigger foot size than me, and a little wider calf then mine and longer legs than mine, ok he’s just a slighter bigger human than I am (even though I’m the older sister). So I did increase the CO on to 64 instead of 56. Following the sizing chart she provides as well, I decided to go with a mid calf size to ensure it went high enough for him. I finished the sock with the Star Toe as she did, because I thought it actually made it look really nice. In the end… it actually fit nicer that way and my brother says the socks fit perfectly. So yeah!!!

Why I’m sharing

I found this particular blog post so helpful and SERIOUSLY! Really easy to follow. Generally, I don’t share other people’s posts but I had to in this case.The results were very satisfying and the ease of the pattern made it a no-brainer to make. Even those of you apprehensive about making socks could make these socks with out anxiety. When I say easy knitting sock pattern, I mean… easy knitting sock pattern!

I hope you found the pattern to be as easy and helpful as I did.


Easy access to Links

  1. Tube Sock Pattern

  2. Chiao Goo Circular Needles

  3. Fairy Tale Yarn Co

The finished socks

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