Cranberry Sauce


I realize this is bit last minute, my apologies, but Thanksgiving and Advent preparations have taken up most of my time. Just in case you’re still in need of a cranberry sauce recipe here’s the one I make. Enjoy and I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Ingredients: 2 (12oz) bags Fresh Cranberries 1/2 cupWater 1/2 cup sugar 1 tbsp butter 1 tbsp honey Juice from 1/2 of a lemon 1 tsp Cornstarch

Directions: Turn your burner on to medium-heat. In a pot bring water, sugar, honey, butter, and lemon juice to a boil. It will begin to look like a clear syrup. Then pour both bags of cranberries into the syrup mixture. Stir occasionally to make sure everything mixes and nothing sticks to the bottom or burns. Let it cook until the cranberries are soft (about 8 min). Don’t worry if you hear popping. It’s just the cranberries saying “I’m ready!” 🙂 Turn off the burner and mash the cranberries with a potato masher to the consistency you like. *If you prefer it more like a sauce/jelly, use your immersion blender and blend to desired consistency. Add and stir in cornstarch.

Taste, if not sweet enough, add more sugar.

Once it’s to the taste you want, pour into a container and let it cool in the fridge. Overnight is the is best, but at least 2 hours.

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