Bunny Friends Stick together

Photo Taken By Jenn Smith [Copyright 2015]

This picture is just too cute not to share. So of course, there’s a story, but after you read it, just enjoy the cuteness. 🙂

My husband was looking outside after dinner a couple of weeks ago, as usual (he always enjoys looking outside when he’s not actually outside. The outdoors are pretty much a second home for him), when he called out to my kids to come look outside. They are never tired of checking out cool creatures outside. So of course, they ran to the window in excitement to check out what cool animal dad found this time.

The next thing I know, my husband is telling me to grab my camera, so of course, I did. 🙂 The bunnies were too far for me to get from inside the house, so I carefully and slowly walked outside to take the pictures. The kids followed to get a closer look as well.

Being raised in a city, rabbits and baby animals are not as common to see especially so close. So for me, moments like this are as exciting as they are for the kids.

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