Bullet Journal 2021: Part 2

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Heading Banner - Business Bullet Journal Part 2: So Far and quarter 2

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OK, we are on to Quarter 2 of the Business Bullet Journal. If you didn’t read Quarter 1 yet, check it out here.

So, I must confess, I started off really strong and then pittered off in March. Although, if you follow me on social media or via my site, I kind of fell off in general. March became a bit of a lackluster month for me and I really needed to take some time to myself and my family to really evaluate EVERYTHING.

So this past quarter wasn’t my best, but it wasn’t my worst either.

First Things First. Here's How I started.

Materials I used

  • Pens, make sure you use something that won't smudge. I personally LOVE the InkJoy pens they look clean & sharp. Bonus… They don't smudge (you'll see I used other pens at the beginning and there was a lot of smudging).

  • Highlighters, I used the Zebra Mildliner Friendly Double Ended Highlighter Set

  • Bullet Journal, this time I bought a basic black one, nothing exciting since I had no idea if I would continue. But if this goes well and I do it next year, I'm probably buying a nicer/larger one... but we'll see.

  • Ruler, I'm gonna be honest, I used my son's wood ruler but in the future, I might invest in a nice metal one. If you want to live on the "wild side" 😉 forgo the ruler and draw the lines free-hand (with no straight edge).

  • Planner Stickers; This is NOT a must at all, I just like stickers, and the planner ones made some of my journal prep easier.

Things I liked

I really liked the Monthly Goals at the beginning of the months and the spot for Blog Posts. The Monthly Goals have been helpful in reminding me of where I need to be and what I need to keep upon. And it’s nice to see my plans for blog posts this month and if they’ve been planned out and typed up yet.

I’m still not quite sure yet about the Pinterest and Social Media areas yet, so I kept it because I feel like I haven’t really gotten a good grasp on if I’m using them correctly or not or if they’re even helpful.

The Month at the Glance, I’m also not sure about, but I thought I would keep it and see how it goes. Last Month’s Stats are something I never really bothered to look at until I had this, and it’s actually kind of nice to see if what I’m doing is actually working or not.

The Newsletter list is also something I like because I can plan out better what to send, since I only have 3 newsletters I am able to mail out with my current plan (I use the free version of Ascend by WIX that is offered through My WIX site).

Things I didn’t like

I really didn’t use the expense and income sheets. I tried, but since I use QuickBooks for my financial stuff, this became just something I did and added to my time I could be doing other things. I have it for April, just because I wasn’t thinking, but I did not add it to May or June.

I also decided that next time around, I’m buying a white paper bullet journal. The yellowish color with bright white white-out drives me nuts. Which, actually Amanda Kay brings up in her post as well. I wasn’t sure how much it would really bother me, but it does.

Things I liked, but change a little

I also liked the Brain Dump, but not for every week. I moved it to the end of the month instead. This also gave me more room for my weekly planner and allowed the days to be wider, which I wanted as well for the 2nd quarter. I found I actually write a lot in the daily area.

Things I added

One thing in the Month at a Glance that I decided to add was what I made on Google Adsense. I thought it would be good to see if what I’m doing is helping or not with that.

I also added a To-Do list above each week for goals or other things I want to make sure I do to help get me closer to each monthly goal.

I also got a little artsier this time around and decided to actually draw some images this time around for each month.

OK, Ready to see Quarter 2?

What’s inside my 2021 Business Bullet Journal For Quarter 2:

Quarter 1 Review, Q2 Breakdown, Monthly Goals & April Month Cover

I like the idea of going back and seeing how I did the previous quarter. It's a great way to review what you did, what worked, what didn’t work, and what you should change. Otherwise, you’re going the entire year doing the same stuff that may or may not work.

This also helps me figure out my Q2 goals. I have the year goals listed first to help remind me where I want to be by the end of the year. Then I decide on my goals for the 2nd quarter to help get me there.

Then the monthly goals are what I want to do to get me to my quarter goals. One thing I really liked is not setting all my quarterly goals for the entire year right away. Because I ended up not doing as much as originally planned in my first quarter, I had to re-evaluate my goals entirely and how I wanted to move forward for the next quarter.

April - Monthly Review

This is where I kind of start off the month and review everything from the previous month. I also plan out the entire month with blog posts, newsletters, and my social media. I actually started doing this last week to prep ahead and actually plan out the month in advance.

Which has honestly been much more helpful than previous months where I’m stressing for 3 days trying to get a blog post done, create the social media content, and spend another day scheduling and planning. This time around, I’m working on batch writing all my posts. We’ll see how it goes.

April - Financial

As I said above, this was really an automatic thing, and not something I really plan on using.

Well, that's it. March looks exactly like February, and so far, I'm liking it and will likely make the 2nd quarter pages the same.

April - Weekly Planner with To-Do

So, as I said before, I added a to-do list (sort of a goal per week) for me to help get me to my monthly goals. I’ll see if it works out the way I hope it does. My daily spots are also larger now that my Brain dump is at the end of the month now.

April - Brain Dump and May Month Cover

OK, so I found the Brain dump really helpful as I came up with ideas for new patterns or blog posts, but I found it a bit annoying to figure out what week I wrote the idea in. I decided to try doing it each month and see if that was “easier”. To be determined….

I also got more Artsy on the Monthly Covers this time. So I’ll share June’s as well. But the rest of the monthly stuff looks the same as in April.

June Month Cover

Well, that’s quarter 2. I'll keep you all posted as I go.

Happy Spring Everyone!

With a Grateful Heart,

All images © 2021 Jenn Smith of Smith Country, LLC

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