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Are you ready for game day?

The Super Bowl is this Sunday. 🙂 I realize that many of you will watch it for the commercials, but in our house it’s for the game (and maybe a little bit for the commercials…). I grew up in a family that loves football, so football season is serious and the Super Bowl is practically a holiday. It’s not as serious for my husband but it’s still a big deal for us, now, as a family. Sometimes we throw a party, sometimes we go to a party, and sometimes we just stay home and have a family day. This year we have decided that staying home sounded better. So we will be doing a family “party”.

With many of you possibly throwing a Super Bowl Party (even if it’s for the commercials) I thought I would type up a list of things (in no particular order, just how they popped up in my memory) that I’ve done and learned from throwing my own. Hopefully some of them (or all of them) will help you.  These items are true for pretty much any simple get together (except for #3which is clearly only for sporting event get togethers).

  1. Don’t say “nothing” when people offer to bring things. It doesn’t have to be the host(ess)’ job to provide everything, and usually, people that offer really want to bring something. So have them bring something you know they’re great at (even if it’s buying a case of soda).

  2. Keep in mind if someone has food allergies or strict diets. I’m not saying that you should accommodate every person with a New Years Resolution, but some people have strict diets for health, religious or even moral reasons and food allergies are serious (people can die from them). You may not know everyone’s allergies or diets, but just be conscious of it by trying to make a variety of options… a veggie tray is GREAT safety item to have. – Keep in mind, the smaller the group the easier this is to accommodate.

  3.  Some of your invitees might actually want to watch the game. I really suggest that if you know for a fact some of them are big football fans and will want to watch the game, that you designate an area (if you can) where the game can be viewed without a lot of interruptions and another with a TV for those that want it on, but aren’t as concerned about the play by play.

  4. Give a heads up of what you plan on having (including alcohol). Most of the people coming over probably know you really well, but it always helps to know what you plan on actually having so if others want to bring something, they can with out confusion or over buying. A great example of this: I have a friend who does not drink beer, so she makes a point to let everyone know in advance that if they want beer they need to bring it (because if it’s not all drunk then she’s stuck with beer that she won’t drink).

  5. Paper/plastic plates and cups and disposable silverware are great items! Unless you’re having a small get together (with like 8 people), the last thing you’re going to want to do is wash all those dishes you have the food set out on PLUS the dishes and cups used for eating and drinking out off of.

Last but not least….

HAVE FUN! Don’t worry about if everything looks perfect or if it all matches. It’s football, not a wedding. So set out the food, plates, cups, and utensils; greet everyone and enjoy the game/commercials/both!

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