6 Meal Ideas For Dad

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You know it’s almost Father’s Day, right? If not, that's OK. I gotchu! One of the best gifts my husband, and my dad have both ALWAYS enjoyed is a great meal! Need some ideas, no problem. That's what this post is all about!

I'm giving you 2 recipes each from my archives to help you figure out that to make dad for father's day brunch. Especially with so many people saying home right now, making a meal at home is one of the best gifts you could give him.

My mother has always said, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." It definitely worked on my husband.


What better way to surprise dad than an awesome breakfast? These 2 recipes are easy to make, taste delicious, and with the right toppings, can look as amazing as ones at a restaurant.

1. Pancakes

Who doesn't enjoy a good pancake? Want to make it even easier for yourself? Take the dry ingredients, put them in a mason jar and just add the wet ingredients when you're ready to make them.... or put a pretty tag on with the wet ingredients on the tag. Wrap it pretty and tada! Present done. IF your dad likes to cook.

2. Waffles

Waffles are another awesome breakfast. and this recipe is sure to impress. you could also copy the pancake idea and make this a waffle mix gift.


Lunch doesn't always have to be a sandwich. Sometimes, you can take an appetizer and turn it into a lunch. these two recipes fit that bill perfectly.

1. Meatballs in Morel Cream Sauce

These are perfect for lunch, dinner, appetizer, whatever. make it even better and use some of dad's venison for the meatballs!

2. Tomato, Basil, Avocado, and Mozzarella Crustini

This one is sure to impress the family. This is a Summer favorite in our house. And if you have any picky eaters, just turn some into cheesy garlic bread. This is great as a meal or an appetizer (especially if you plan on making a pasta or soup for dinner).


Some people feel intimidated making special a dinner. But special isn't code for ONLY CHEFS KNOW HOW. Special just means you put your heart into the meal and made something you thought that person would enjoy. What's better than that? These dinners are honestly easy to do, taste amazing, and would work for any time, not just Father's Day.

1. Chicken, Spinach and gnocchi Soup

Soup anyone? I realize it's summer, but a good soup, salad, and breadsticks might be just the ticket for your dad. This is my son's favorite and is always enjoyed by everyone in the house.

2. Beer Battered Fried Fish

This is not only a family favorite but a fan favorite. I have received rave reviews on this recipe. Everyone that has had it has said they love it. My husband and I created this recipe together after many times being disappointing with boxed batter.

I don't know a dad that wouldn't enjoy this meal (unless of course, he's vegan).

BONUS! If your dad fishes, you already have the main ingredient.

I just know one of these recipes will make your father's day extra special. If you need a card and have some card stock and a printer, I offer a printable Father's Day Card in the Shop as well.

I hope all the dad's out there have a wonderful Father's Day!

With a Grateful Heart,

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