3 Quick Crochet Patterns

Updated: Jan 12

for the last minute gift giving

It's the second week of advent (for you Catholics) and there are only 16 more days until Christmas. For those you that celebrate... Hanukkah is tomorrow! If you're still in need of a gift or two or three... here are some (3 to be exact) really quick crochet makes you can create just in time for your holiday gift giving. Many can even use scrap yarn to make them!

1. Wine Lanyard

Perfect for wine lovers, this lanyard holds your wine glass around your neck! Perfect for wine tours, wine walks and parties.

FIY... I checked it works for both stemmed and stemless wine glass!

Maybe include it with a ticket to a future vineyard tour or a new fun wine glass.

2. Leaf Me to My Coffee Cup Sleeve

Have a coffee lover in your life? Why not add this to their stocking stuffer or small gift.

It may be a fall themed cup sleeve, but let's be honest, it can be given anytime of the year. If you make it in green or red it would be perfect for Christmas. Or use any scrap worsted weight yarn you have!

3. Small Tech Bag

How perfect is this bag for teens or college students? They can put all their tech accessories in one bag! My 16 year old has one with a clip on the side and uses it to put her phone in when she's out and can't have a bag or purse.

This project is perfect for your scrap fingering or thin cotton (similar to Lion brand 24/7 cotton) yarn!

That's it for now. Hopefully one of these helps you finish off your gift giving and still be able to give that handmade touch. When you're done, make sure to add one of these ready to print gift tags so they know it was handcrafted just for them!

Or these gift tags (for any other time of year).

If you share it on Social Media, make sure you tag me! @thesmithcountry #thesmithcountry I LOVE Seeing your makes!

With a Grateful Heart,

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